About Us

We are NFC Vault, a pioneering tech company based in Portugal, founded in July 2022. Our inception was fueled by a transformative idea: to employ NFC technology for the secure recording of seed phrases, thus revolutionizing the safety of digital assets.

Our founding team boasts a wealth of experience in software development, startup incubation, and network management. This diverse and dynamic blend of skills has allowed us to navigate the tech landscape with agility and precision, resulting in the creation of our flagship product – the NFC Vault.

The cornerstone of NFC Vault’s appeal lies in its seamless integration of technology and security. We have meticulously developed our mobile applications and server infrastructure to deliver airtight security for our users. Our system is designed such that the loss of seed phrases becomes virtually impossible, as long as the NFC cards are stored in separate locations. This provides our users with unmatched assurance and control over their digital assets.

But we aren’t stopping there. Our drive for innovation continues to propel us forward. We are currently broadening our horizons by venturing into the development of other mobile applications that harness the power of NFC technology. We look forward to unveiling these exciting projects in the coming months.

At NFC Vault, we are more than just a company – we are a committed team of innovators, working tirelessly to shape the future of digital asset security. Join us on this exciting journey.