3 – Why it’s the best way to secure your crypto assets?

Everyone knows that not your keys, not your coins. So, the goal to security is keeping the seed phrases hidden and easy to use, if needed. With NFC Vault we achieve this:

– Anyone accessing the card cannot read the keywords, unlike a piece of paper or metal.

– It is water resistant because the chip is inside the card, unlike paper.

– The combination of 2 or more cards is the most secure way, loss or misplacement of a card would not cause the loss of the keywords, since you always have another 1 or more card to read and save the information.

– Allows you to give the second to family or friend to keep them, with the security that they cannot read what is written on the chip, unlike what would happen with a piece of paper or metal. – The durability of the chip, according to the studies of the producers, is 8 years, but as we do not want to take unnecessary risks, we will remember to change the cards at the end of 5 years.