NFC Vault Bug Bounty Program

At NFC Vault, we value the trust our users place in us to safeguard their digital assets. That’s why we are dedicated to maintaining the highest security standards possible. We understand the crucial role our community plays in helping us achieve this goal. Hence, we’re excited to launch the NFC Vault Bug Bounty Program.

About the Program:
The NFC Vault Bug Bounty Program is an initiative to reward security researchers who dedicate their time and skills to help us improve our system’s security. We invite researchers and users alike to review our application, specifically focusing on a particular aspect – proving that the seed phrase isn’t stored on the app and later sent to an external server when airplane mode is turned off again.

If you can demonstrate a vulnerability in this specific area of our app, you will be eligible for a substantial reward. The actual amount of the reward will depend on the severity of the bug, the completeness of your submission, and the overall quality of your report.

Rules and Guidelines:
The bug report must demonstrate that the seed phrase stored during the use of the app is later transmitted to an external server once the device is no longer in airplane mode.

The bug must be original and previously unreported.

The bug must not be disclosed publicly until it has been resolved.

The use of any form of automated scanning to find vulnerabilities is strictly prohibited.

Any form of public disclosure or sharing of the vulnerability without express permission from NFC Vault will render the submission ineligible for a bounty.

Submission Process:
To submit a bug, please provide a detailed description of the vulnerability, including the steps to reproduce it, the potential impact, and any suggested remediation. Please send your submissions to [email protected]

We commit to responding to your submission within 7 business days.

Thank you for your support in making NFC Vault a safer platform for everyone!