NFC Vault Platinum


  • 6 NFC Vault card
  • Full acess to our app and encryption of your seed phrases)
  • 149 € for 6 NFC Vault cards
  • Extra security (loss or misplacement of a card would not cause the loss of the keywords, since you would always have another 1 card to read the information)
  • It is mandatory for the user to register the seed phrases on each of the 2 cards
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Shipping tax not included
  • iOS & Android Compatible
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We provide a card with NFC technology (Near Field Communication) and a mobile app that can read and write the chip on the card.

NFC technology is a set of short-range wireless technologies, typically requiring a distance of 4cm or less to initiate a connection. We have developed an app that allows you to encrypt your account with your NFC card, thus allowing you to read and write on the card’s chip in a totally secure way, since both the writing and the reading of the chip are done with the mobile phone offline (the mobile data being turned off before entering the chip reading and writing mode).

Your seed phrases are stored on an NFC chip, impossible to read by anyone who accesses it, since you need to sign in the account that has the access information to read the encrypted chip. Each user can only read their cards and each card can only be read by the user who encrypted it.

Why it’s the best way to secure your crypto assets?
Everyone knows that not your keys, not your coins. So, the goal to security is keeping the seed phrases hidden and easy to use, if needed. With NFC Vault we achieve this:

– Anyone accessing the card cannot read the keywords, unlike a piece of paper or metal.
– It is water resistant because the chip is inside the card, unlike paper.
– The combination of 2 cards is the most secure way,  loss or misplacement of a card would not cause the loss of the keywords, since you always have another 1 card to read and save the information.
– Allows you to give the second card to family or friend to keep them, with the security that they cannot read what is written on the chip, unlike what would happen with a piece of paper or metal.
– The durability of the chip, according to the studies of the producers, is 8 years, but as we do not want to take unnecessary risks, we will remember to change the cards at the end of 5 years.

How can I use the NVC Vault?
You can buy package of NFC Vault to take advantage of this technology that allows you to be free of any worries about keeping your private keys.  The package cost of 6 card is 149€ and we offer the shipping costs.




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